Posted: 31st October 2010 by Mister Critic in Random

Reviewed by Mister Critic

Thanks to public broadcasting, and viewers like you, we now have a 21st century  version of Sherlock Holmes that is as brilliant as the original story. Today’s Sherlock has all of the deductive skills, wit, quirks and vices of olden days, but now set in modern day London. In this new series, Holmes is a consultant for the police, brought in when their detectives are unable to solve the case. He doesn’t do it for the money, he does it because he loves solving cases. And his enthusiasm is catchy.

In the first episode, A Study in Pink, we see how Holmes and Watson met and came to live together as roomies at 221B Baker Street. During their first case they must figure out whether several recent deaths were separate suicides or the work of a very clever serial killer. It is that cleverness that draws Sherlock in, but maybe a little too close this time.

I love that the creators of this new show did not warp the Holmes character, destroying his very essence with non-Sherlockian qualities.  It is as if the makers of the new PBS/BBC series “Sherlock” read my mind or maybemy last Sherlock blog post.  The updates either add interesting new insight into how a modern detective solves modern crimes, like the role of cell phones and text messaging, or the updates help enhance my intrigue with the character’s wonderful mind. For example, as Holmes studies a crime scene, we see words pop up on the screen showing what Holmes is observing (kinda reminded me of The Electric Company). But what do these words mean? Perhaps we can deduce before the great Sherlock! So the game is afoot and we are in on the action as he figures out the crime.

Another great update is the new dimension that has been created in the character of Dr. Watson. Today’s Watson is a military doctor having served in Afghanistan. Now he is back home, has been injured and is haunted by his past.  Whereas, I felt the Jude Law version of Watson was a rather bland tag-a-long, this new Watson, played by Martin Freeman, has brought some real depth to the character with superb acting. Now I am excited for the new Hobbit movie as Freeman has recently been tapped to play Bilbo Baggins.  In addition to the psychological demons, Freeman also portrays the fascination Watson has with Holmes in a way that is believable and which helps the audience actually like Holmes, an self-diagnosed sociopath.  Although, I don’t think my wife needs that help, as I have heard on many occasion since this first episode aired how she is in love with Sherlock. Great, how does one compete with Sherlock freakin’ Holmes?

Well, quite right, jolly good show. I am looking forward to many more adventures with this new duo, and I hope that you will join them Sunday Nights at 9:00 pm, on your local PBS station.