Reviewed by Little Miss Critic

For those of you new to Mister Critic, we sometimes feature special guest reviews and today’s guest is very special, my daughter, Little Miss Critic, Age 8. Please enjoy Kid Critic!

Baby Mouse Series by Jennifer and Matthew Holm

What are the books about? Weird things happen in the book to Babymouse. She dreams about funny things. They all have good humor.

Which book is your favorite? Puppy Love.

What happens in Puppy Love? Baby Mouse finds this dog and she trains him to be neat. One day when she was showing off her dog, she found the owner and found out that the dog was not a he, it was a she.

What do you like about the books? They are funny and they are graphic novels. And it is printed in black, white and pink and pink is my favorite color.

Would you suggest to your friends? Yes, if they like funny books.

  1. Jessica says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun to have a BabyMouse Party…let me know what Little Miss Critic thinks of that.