Reviewed by Mister Critic

Who hasn’t dreamed of being the last of their kind? Just me? Okay, fine. I guess I’m the weirdo.

Alas, poor Yorick Brown (the guy was named by his dad who was a Shakespeare professor). Yorick finds himself one of the last men on earth just as he proposing to his girlfriend, who is studying abroad in Australia. Talk about an akward phone call, right? Out of the blue, the entire population of the world carrying a Y chromosome drops dead at the same time. Everyone except for Yorick and his pet monkey, Ampersand. But Y? I mean, why? Was it a virus, or was it sign from God. It is believed the answer lies in Yorick’s genes, so he is sent out by the new female president of the USA (who only moments ago was the Secretary of the Agriculture). His journey spans the globe, as he travels with several female companions to discover the answer to why he is the chosen one, as well as to find out if his girlfriend is still alive. Along the way though, he has to stay hidden and remain watchful because there are some who have plans of their own for the last man on Earth, and some of those women don’t take kindly to menfolk.

Besides the fact I love apocalypse survival stories, I also really enjoyed how this graphic novel explored many different topics making an awesome book club discussion. It is an interesting look at sex, gender, power and love. And what I found most intriguing was seeing what a post-male society would look like. Would it be the utopia that some claim, less violent, more in touch with emotions and better communication. Or would it really look that much different from the world we know? Does the world really need the male species to survive? A question becoming more real everyday as cloning evolves into science fact rather than science fiction.

The characters were complex and the author did a great job developing their very different backgrounds. I don’t want to tell you much because I would hate to spoil all then surprises that await you. The artwork was excellent and the story is a very fun ride.  I loved the references to Shakespeare scattered throughout. In fact, there was even a side story with a play within the play.

My only disappointment was that it had to end, but I enjoyed the journey all the way to the conclusion. I would love to see a follow up on some of the time periods that were skipped over.  I have heard that the graphic novel will be adapted into a movie and I am hopeful, yet skeptical, that it will be just as good. If you loved Watchmen, you should check out Y: The Last Man.