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Reviewed by Mister Critic

Mister Critic has a special place in his heart for Community.  A long time ago, in a small coastal town far, far away, young Mister Critic was a student at a community college. At first he was a stranger in a strange land. But then he realized how entertaining (read: crazy) the students and teachers were and what other college would hold class at a local pub. Community college was great, and Mister Critic would love to be in that world again someday, (maybe as a professor? A critic can dream, can’t he?)

I will admit I was extremely skeptical of the show at first. A friend sent me the promo saying that it was my dream show. And I did really like the wacky premise. Joel McHale plays a lawyer that gets disbarred because it is discovered that he didn’t go to an accredited law school. So he gets sent back to community college and unwillingly starts a study group full of wacky characters. I thought, it’s got things I love . . . I knew Joel McHale from The Soup on E! (So meaty), a bad lawyer, community college, movie references, and Chevy Chase. But can it last? The answer: You bet it can.

Last night’s episode is a perfect example. The group takes on the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons, and it works perfectly. The study group decides to try to save a fellow student, unfortunately nicknamed “Fat Neal,” by playing his favorite game in hopes they can raise his spirits.  Whether you love D&D or not, there are hilarious moments throughout the episode and it is a must-see.

Peirce (Chevy Chase) was excellent in the role of evil antagonist. The group decides to leave him out of the game since Peirce has the tendency to act like a jerk and may say and do things to send Neal over the edge. And Peirce does not disappoint. It makes me wonder why we haven’t seen more Evil Chevy in other venues. After tonight, I could totally see him in guest star role on Dexter.

Community is able to mix the right amount of heart with nonstop funny. It is seldom predictable, and they are not afraid to take chances. Most importantly, they have somehow seen right into my soul, know all my secret longings, and my friend was right, they have created my dream show.

I also highly recommend these episodes as well: Conspiracy Theories and Interior Designs (Two students make a giant fort in the dorms, which I loved since my college buddies and I made some great forts in our college dorms, and to this day my son, Little Man Critic, is a fort addict, so I love me some good fort television) and Abed’s Uncontrolled Christmas (stop motion musical animation…nuff said.)

Community airs Thursdays at 8:00 pm on NBC.

  1. Jeremy says:

    I’m more familiar with the live action D&D. When you play in full costume and character in a public venue it’s easier for people to tell you’re a total nerd. Shout out to the dungeon master = Erick Banks