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Well it is Academy Awards time soon, and although we here at Mister Critic don’t get out much to see very many of the chosen ones, I’m trying to review as many as I can by show time. I will post em as I see em.

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Okay, on to the review of another nominee, The Kids Are All Right.

In this world where some struggle to define what a family should be, this movie shows us that family can transcend definition. Nominated for Best Picture, this is the story of a married lesbian couple who has each had a baby from an anonymous sperm donor. Unbeknownst to their mothers, the children  seek out their father, and the drama ensues as the family struggles to figure out how he fits into the definition of their family.

Annette Bening is nominated for Best Actress, for the role of the more down-to-earth mother who is very cautious about letting the father in as he is a more free spirit type. Bening does a wonderful job of portraying so many of the complex emotions in the film and her nomination is very well deserved. Perhaps I liked her so much because I identified with her character.

Mark Ruffalo is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the father of the children. I felt like we’ve seen him play this type of character before, like in the movie, You Can Count on Me. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Ruffalo as an actor and thought he did his job in this role. But I wanted more from this character, and I would really like to see Ruffalo in a different type of role in the future.

Ultimately, families should be about love. Pure and simple. All families have their ups and downs, their good times and their bad. But at the end of the day, this film shows us that love is what defines a family.

  1. Jeremy says:

    We also learned that lesbians enjoy watching gay man porn sometimes because it’s more authentic.