Star Wars: Episode IV

Posted: 19th May 2010 by Mister Critic in Random
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Reviewed by Little Man Critic (Age 4)

What is the movie about? About fighting. Darth Vader is bad.

Why is he bad? Because he is taking over the world and he doesn’t want to do the things star wars do and Luke Skywalker he fights them and goes up in the ship. He doesn’t want Darth Vader to take over the world.

What you think about it? It was good because Darth Vader was bad. And he is so bad, Darth Vader, he just open his light saber and Luke Skywalker does and they just fight. There was a lot of R2D2, he’s a robot because he got killed.

What did you like about the movie? I liked Luke Skywalker and he is good.

What did you not like? The guy that kills people. He is blue and has blue things in his hands that makes people die. (Editors note: We believe the reviewer is referring to the Emperor, and may have been confused as to which episode was under view. This was not cleared up at press time as the reviewer had to go to bed.)

Would you recommend it? Yeah, because he is so bad.