Reviewed by Mister Hand

“Awesome!” is the word that first came to my mind after watching The Town. Flashback a week or so and you would have heard me say, “Ben Affleck directed a movie? Do I really want to see it?” I’ve been skeptical of Ben Affleck for sometime after watching entirely too many Reindeer Games type movies from him. However, much like Mickey Rourke or Bruce Willis, I have new respect and hope for this cheesy action start turned quality director/actor.
*I should pause and say, don’t get me wrong on Bruce Willis. Die Hard is great and one of the best action movies ever, but let’s face it – Bruce Willis did some pretty terrible action flicks for awhile prior to his revival through Pulp Fiction and the 6th Sense.*
Oh, did I mention that Ben Affleck also co-wrote this movie? Is he winning your favor back from Pearl Harbor yet?
The Town is based on a novel by Chuck Hogan titled Prince of Thieves and takes place in Boston – which, as the tagline states, is the bank robbery capitol of America.┬áIn the Town, Ben Affleck’s character is the leader of a small group of bank robbers who are always one step ahead of the police. Reminiscent of the mid-90s film Heat, this movie balances right and wrong and has you wondering why you’re rooting for a societal “bad guy.” It’s not like he’s Robin Hood and takes the money from the banks and gives it to the poor. This film looks into the life steps that lead up to creating a criminal and the struggle to do right after you’ve already started down the path to depravity. Much like many of my reviews… I don’t want to give away too much of the plot and take away the enjoyment of the viewer – unlike all too many movie trailers these days. I will say, this is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. The writing is spot-on, the cinematography is fantastic and it balances the action scenes where you feel like you are right there in the car chase flying through Boston with the more dramatic scenes requiring less visually and allows the dialogue to move the story.
As if you needed any more reason to watch this movie… it also stars my favorite AMC actor -Jon Hamm, and last year’s Oscar nominee for the Hurt Locker – Jeremy Renner. Go see it… you won’t regret it unless you hate good movies.
  1. Jeremy says:

    Don’t try to trick me! Ben Affleck sucks and you know it. I refuse to watch this movie because everything that Ben Affleck touches turns into a steamy pile. I don’t think you even watched this movie. I bet if I searched the interwebs I’d find this same review word for word on another site, and that site would be owned and operated by Ben Affleck.