Evil by Interpol

Posted: 28th February 2011 by Mister Critic in Random

Reviewed by Mister Critic

Here is a good video to watch right before you go to bed. I don’t suggest watching it alone or in the dark. I love this song and the lyrics, but there is something unnatural about that puppet. However, I can’t look away. He haunts me.

I implore you to tell me what this song means. I thought it was about an unhappy guy trying to rationalize his affair or desire to have an affair. A friend characterized it as a psycho killer song which I guess explains the title. And then the video shows a car crash which doesn’t seem to explain a whole lot of anything. What does it all mean?

My favorite lines: “I spent a lifespan with no cellmate to find the long way back,” “Why can’t we just look the other way? Why can’t we just play the other game?” And I especially love when he says I am “semi-erotic.” Good way to score points with Mister Critic.

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