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Reviewed by Mister Critic I will confess something if you promise not to make fun. Okay, I’m a little freaked out by old movies. ¬†You know, old like black and white, silent movies old. There is something about the double time speed combined with the grainy picture so you’re not sure what you’re seeing. I […]

Reviewed by Little Miss Critic For those of you new to Mister Critic, we sometimes feature special guest reviews and today’s guest is very special, my daughter, Little Miss Critic, Age 8. Please enjoy Kid Critic! Baby Mouse Series by Jennifer and Matthew Holm What are the books about? Weird things happen in the book […]

Reviewed by Mister Critic Who hasn’t dreamed of being the last of their kind? Just me? Okay, fine. I guess I’m the weirdo. Alas, poor Yorick Brown (the guy was named by his dad who was a Shakespeare professor). Yorick finds himself one of the last men on earth just as he¬†proposing to his girlfriend, […]