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Frugal Game Reviews: Crayon Physics

Posted: 4th August 2010 by Mister Critic in Random
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Reviewed by Mister Parvenu Remember when when you used to unroll a seemingly endless sheet of white butcher paper and start drawing? Those drawing would come alive in your mind. Crayon Physics does just that. It’s an obvious labor of love that lives on the fringes of what one can call a “game”, in much […]

Reviewed by Mister Parvenu Thomas Wolfe said, “You can’t go home again”… I respectfully disagree.  For the gamer in me, Star Control II, or what is now known in the open source community as “The Ur-Quan Masters”, is a homecoming.  Released in 1992 by Toys for Bob as a sequel to the 1990 original Star […]

Fallout 3

Posted: 28th June 2010 by Mister Critic in Random
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Reviewed by Mister Critic Being a child of the 80s has left me with a fascination with and constant fear of nuclear apocalypse. During the height of the Cold War, I am sure I drove my father crazy with questions about what would happen in a nuclear war. Would there be any chance of survival? […]

Pac-Man on Google

Posted: 22nd May 2010 by Mister Critic in Random
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Yesterday, I got a little blast from my past thanks to Google. For Pac -Man’s 30th birthday (I can’t believe the little guy has been eating power pellets for that long), Google installed a playable version of the Google logo on their homepage. Hurry to play it before it is gone from the homepage.  Just […]

Civilization IV

Posted: 7th May 2010 by Mister Critic in Random

“Revolutionaries wait For my head on a silver plate Just a puppet on a lonely string Oh, who would ever want to be king?” -Viva La Vida, Coldplay To answer your question, Mr. Coldplay, I would want to be king. And now you too can be king of your very own civilization thanks to the makers of Civilization IV. This […]